Central West End Veterinary Clinic

4131 lindell Boulevard
St Louis, MO 63108



Our Staff


Jaquee Fisher

Jaquee Fisher:

Jaquee Fisher is a licensed veterinary technician who joined Dr Clary in 2016. She assists clients with every aspect of their experience at the clinic. She and her husband Michael just purchased a house in south St.Louis where their family of snakes, spiders, and dogs will reside.




Johnathan Crate:

Johnathan is a registered veterinary technician with 14 years experience. He is the advocate for your pet in our office, and he will help provide the best possible medicine and service. His interests include surgery and wellness programs and emergency care. He lives in the city with two dogs and his daughter.


 Andrew Cunningham

Andrew is a 2018 graduate from Hickey Veterinary technician school and has been with our clinic for two years. Andrew's interested include anesthesia, and digital dental radiography.